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Welcome to our natural paradise!

Manuel Antonio The Best specializes in the operation of tours within the Manuel Antonio National Park, located in the canton of Quepos, as well as the guide on different tours in the area.

We have experienced guides certified by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT), the regulatory body for tourism services in our country.

Guided tours are our specialty, with guides who speak English and Spanish, we will guide you from buying the entrance ticket to the park, to the complete tour through the trails, arriving at one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica within the Manuel Antonio National Park.

Tickets to enter the Manuel Antonio National Park

Tickets to enter the Manuel Antonio Park

The first thing you should know to take a tour or simply enter the Manuel Antonio National Park is that you must purchase an entrance ticket.

Tickets to enter the Manuel Antonio Park

Take into account that to enter the park, there is a daily limit, so we recommend you make your reservation in advance, preferably.

How to buy tickets to enter Manuel Antonio National Park?

At Manuel Antonio The Best we think of you and your ease, so if you purchase any of our guided tours to the Manuel Antonio National Park, the entrance ticket will be included.

Do you have more questions about the entrance tickets to the park?

Visit our FAQ section

Guided tour in Manuel Antonio National Park


Have you ever imagined getting to a place where nature is the most impressive part of a trip? We know, you made it this far and we will make it worth your while.

Our certified guides will guide you through one of the most visited National Parks in Costa Rica, you will have the opportunity to walk through the secondary forest of Manuel Antonio National Park, you will find trails in perfect condition, even for people with limited mobility in wheelchairs, That’s right, in Costa Rica we care about everyone and that your experience is the best.


Variety of fauna species

You will find a large number of animal species that will captivate you with their peculiarities in behavior and beauty. Among a wide variety of species that live in the Manuel Antonio National Park, you can find: White-faced monkeys, squirrel monkeys, howler monkeys, sloths, countless birds, butterflies, iguanas, snakes, deer, an endless number of colorful crabs, among others. .

Variety of flora species

If the list of animals that inhabit our park seemed incredible to you, we can't wait to show you the plants, the lush forest, trails and the wonderful beach that is inside the park, with serene waters, ideal for relaxing and swimming.

Our gallery

You can take pictures like these with your phone through our telescope for memories.

Characteristics of the Manuel Antonio National Park tour

Tour duration

Tour duration

2 hours

Travel distance

Extension of the walk

2 Kilometers



Spanish and English,. Ask for other languages

meeting point

Meeting point

Entrance to the park

Under 2 years

Children under 2 years old

Don't pay for the tour

Who will be your guide?


All our guides are experts, certified as naturalist guides by the Costa Rican Tourism Institute, who are also equipped with high-tech telescopes and have years of experience in tourism and ecology as guides in Manuel Antonio National Park and tours around Manuel Antonio area.

What you should bring to the tour

The tour will be through trails in perfect condition, however, you cannot forget to bring a camera, repellent and an excellent attitude to enjoy.
For the beach: swimsuit, sunscreen, sunglasses, sheet to enjoy in the shade of the trees while admiring the beauty of the place.

Park Considerations

Two tour options in Manuel Antonio National Park

Private tour

Regular tour

Special prices for groups larger than 10. Contact us for more information.

Cancellations: The cancellation of the reservation must be no later than 48 hours in advance.

Where do we meet for the tour?

The meeting point will be at the entrance of Manuel Antonio National Park.
You can tap on the Waze or Google Maps icon to use the app to get there.

We are the best!

We don’t say it, our clients say it

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who can enter with the ticket?

The tickets come with your full name and identification number, so they are only valid for the people indicated. In addition to the ticket, you will need to present your identification.

How many times can I use the ticket?

The ticket is valid only for the day it was purchased, also take into consideration that you can only enter the park once with your ticket.

What time is better to enter?

The experience will be great regardless of the time, however, if you enter in the morning or in the afternoon it is not as hot as at noon.

Can I bring something to eat?

No, food is not allowed in the park, however, inside the park there is a cafeteria near the beach where you can buy snacks and drinks while you enjoy your visit.

If I book online from this website, do I have to buy a ticket?

The great advantage of booking a tour with us is that your ticket is already included in the price of your reservation, you only have to arrive at the meeting point so that we can start the tour.

When making the reservation with us, you must provide the full name and identification number of the people who will enter the park, this for the purchase of the tickets.

What is the weather like in Manuel Antonio National Park?

Take into account that the place is an area where it is hot in the summer season (from December to April), however, we also have a rainy season that is approximately from May to December, therefore, you must come prepared for the rains .

There are no indoor areas in the park. In case you want to avoid the rain you can bring your cape or umbrella.

Is it important to enter the park with a guide?

Although it is true, it is not a requirement, it is most recommended that it be, since our guides are expert naturalists and have extensive knowledge of the animals and vegetation in the park. Remember that not all animals are tame and can be approached or touched, just like plants.

Taking the tour is the most recommended if you want to see animals in more detail, thanks to the fact that our guides have a telescope that will allow you to better see the animals that are at significant distances, as well as taking photos through the lens , without a guide you will see 10% of the animals, also, for safety, remember that in the forest there are many snakes and poisonous plants, among other risks that can be avoided by the guide who has full knowledge of the area.

Where can I book a guided tour?

It is very simple, you just have to enter our reservation page, we have placed a guide for you to reserve easily.

What are the Manuel Antonio National Park hours?

The park opens at 7:00 am and closes at 4:00 pm.

Are all the tours offered by Manuel Antonio The Best in the park?

No, we offer you the guided tour through the park as the main tour, however, we also offer you options outside the park that you can book.

Look here all the tours we offer in the vicinity of Manuel Antonio.

Is Manuel Antonio National Park accessible to people with any physical limitations?

Yes, we are proud to have a park that, in addition to its incredible natural views, has trails in perfect condition for the enjoyment of people with limited mobility (wheelchairs). Look at our gallery, you will love it.

Take into account that in the Park we do not have wheelchairs to lend or rent, however, we have an excellent infrastructure for you to bring your own.

Can I camp in the park or on the beach inside the park?

No, camping is not allowed in the park and there is no lodging inside the park, however, there are excellent lodging options nearby.

Can I bring my pet to the park?

No, the only animal allowed in the park would be an assistance dog. You must present the training certificate.